Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Been A While...

I have not been writing in this blog of mine for quite sometime.... so many things had happened and I was even busy myself... busy with life...hehehe

Actually... though lots had happened for the past 2 weeks.. still there is nothing much to write except... after a few months.. I managed to get all my children from Gelang Patah to gather during the weekend.. it was last weekend.. and it was great!

Having some chit-chats with my boys.. it was kind of funny when the topic of being "akil baligh" popped up during the talks... and my Ijat said that he had "mimpi best" when he was standard 4.. whooaaa... so early already had the "mimpi best".. ekekekek... very funny when he described the moment as "mimpi best".. after that we all kept on calling him Ijat Dreambest!!! wakakaakka..

Then.. the question was popped to Memen.. my youngest son... he did not remember when he had his first "mimpi best"... but then.. he just couldn't be sure he had any.. hahahahaha.. lagi berat sey!!

Next.. my eldest son.. Amirul.. he was so shy to answer the question.. hahahah because Ijat said that Amirul's mimpi best involving a girl... hahahahah.. termalu-malu si Amirul dibuatnya.. and we had a good time laughing about it... :)

On last Saturday.. we went back to Gelang Patah to fetch Finaz.. my eldest daughter. Had to fetched her a day later coz she had extra class so we waited until she finished the class. On our way back to Permas Jaya... Ijat popped out a question about Kebun Teh...

Since my hubby used to live in Kebun Teh... so we stopped at the Memorial Park for the Plane Crash Victims back in 1977... we took some photos and some video shoots during the historical weekend tour.. hahaha.. I will upload it later yeah... :)

Actually... we trespassed the Memorial Park... hahahaha.. the whole family mcm kanak2 nakal...

Just watch the video (will be uploaded later) and you'll understand!!.. hahahahaha

But.. it was a fun day for all of us!!!!


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