Monday, October 18, 2010

My Sweet Lil' Adeline is Thalassemia Intermedia...

This is my sweet Adeline....

She was admitted to Puteri Specialist Hospital on 7th October 2010 for she developed high fever with mild symptom of HFMD.. ulcers in her mouth, tonsile.. and blood was taken for some tests..

During her admission, the doctor confessed that he suspected Adeline has Thalassemia coz of her enlarged spleen. That's why he had sent her blood sample to KL for further tests.
And today.. 18.10.10.. the result was out and Adeline is diagnosed with Thalassemia Intermedia.... both of us, me and Joey were speechless when the doctor told us about it. No words can described our mixed feelings at that moment...
Anyway.. I have learnt to adapt with the result. And i have done my research on Thalassemia Intermedia and lots that I have learnt...
Deep down.. I was so sad and still am, for I pity my lil' Adeline.. what did she do to deserve this???.... But fate is written and we must accept this wholeheartedly as this is a test from Almighty Allah.
And yes... I am strong to face this... and I have to so that the rest of the family can be strong too... (eventhough I feel so weak deep inside)
Please pray for the wellbeing of our lil' Ungku Zarith Adeline..... Amin!


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