Friday, September 17, 2010

A Day Out with My Kids on 3rd Day of Aidilfitri 2010 @ The Chicken Rice Shop AEON Tebrau City

I was so happy when my 3 kids at Gelang Patah were allowed to celebrate the Eid Mubarak with me eventhough only on the 2nd day onwards... I was so thankful to God that has blessed me with the opportunity after have not been able to see them for quite sometime... Alhamdulillah!
Joey & me fetched Memen on noon of day 2 of Eid Mubarak... brought him with us and Amirul & Adeline for beraya.... at Rimba Terjun, Pontian. Then after that off to Pt. Keroma to pay a visit to Mak Limah and then once again to my mum's house.. to give a farewell to Fizah before she and her daughters flew back to Manchester on 12th September, morning from KLIA.
Later in the evening, on our way back to Permas Jaya, stopped at Gelang Patah and fetched Finaz & Izzat. I was so happy to see them together...
The next day.. on day 3 of Eid Mubarak... Joey had to go out with his brother on some business matters so I decided to take the kids out to AEON Tebrau City.. It was raining cats and dogs so we stayed back at Tebrau City. We dined at The Chicken Rice Shop before the kids had fun playing games and such at the Games Arcade... spent a few hours there before we head home!!
I am one happy mother to see all my kids gathered together and having fun... missed them so much!!!

I am one happy and contented mother!!!

My 2 handsome sons!!

Enjoying the food... and the moment!

What a day!!!... Everything looks so yummy!!

Finaz & lil' Adeline... dipping into the food

Finaz & Amirul.... Eating & posing..ekekekek

Pose.. pose and pose so more!!

My handsome Memen!

Waiting for our order....

hey! We are not ready yet...said Finaz!!.. hahahah

My another handsome son... Izzat!

Miss them so much...:(

Lil' Adeline & sister.. Finaz

Amirul & Finaz.. again.. hihihi

and.. them again.. and again.. hahahahah


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