Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No School No Babysitter

Aku tengah pening sgt nih sebenarnya...
School is opening soon...
But Adeline nampak gayanya won't be able to go to school this year...
Anyway.. she will be 5 on 29th August so.. school not a big deal yet.. hehehehe
Cuma kesian dengan dia coz she has attended school this year sbb kebetulan the teacher is also her babysitter so senang lepas balik sekolah terus ikut teacher balik rumah sampai petang until I went and fetched her home.
Tapi.. now nih.. Teacher Liza dah x leh nak babysit Adeline coz she had to babysit her sick Mum-In-Law who needs extra care and hospital trips most of the days.
Nak buat camner.. Adeline will sure gonna miss her Ibu's (Adeline called Teacher Liza "Ibu") cooking especially sup telur.. huhuhuhu
Me.. pening nak cari babysitter nih... adehhhh
Kena sit down and do brainstorming ngan Joey on this matter ASAP!!!!!
Kalau tidak aku yang berasap wey!!!!......:(


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