Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Facebook & Farmville

Nowadays.. almost everyone has a Facebook account.. x caya.. cuba tanya sesiapa jer... kecik besar tua muda.... as for me.. of course, I am one of them Facebookers!! hahahaha.. x jengah FB sehari rasa mcm x mandi...:P

Anyway... suka juga dgn FB coz it helps me to re-connect with long lost friends yg berpuluh tahun x jumpa.. ex-schoolmates etc... and the best part is you can use it as a platform to expand your business or even find your next new customer!!! And that's what I did after blogs, of course!!

And I think that I am more keen to promote my stuffs in FB rather than in blog.. kalau dlm blog mcm ada rasa lemau sket... hehehehe.. dulu mmg bersemangat giler.. lagipun sekarang nih mcm busy sket... blog pun x berapa nak update. Keadaan kesihatan yg up and down x menentu turut menyumbang... hahahaha

Lagi satu psl Fb nih.... I am so addicted to Farmville... an online game played by millions around the globe. Aku sekarang at level 98... and semakin ramai friends all over the world that became my neighbours in Farmville! Best giler bila dpt neighbours yg rajin bercucuk tanam.... hahahahaha

Anyway.. it is one of my stress-busters after a tiring day at the office or even my mood is down!
Addiction terbaru ialah The Adventure World - An Indiana Jones Game!! tapi belum berapa nak giler la coz belum berapa faham cara main.. baru level 8.. hahahahha

Apapun.. Facebook byk kegunaan yg positif if we use it to +ve.. kalau jadikan ia benda -ve maka negative lah jadinya.. kan?.. Lu fikir la sendiri!!!


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