Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maulidurrasul... An Auspicious Day Turned Sour

Yesterday, 9th March... mark the birthdate of our Prophet Muhammad. Muslims call the day "Maulidurrasul". Celebrations were everywhere. It was an auspicious day where Muslims around the world celebrate the birth of our Prophet. Lots of religious activities were performed yesterday.
Since yesterday was also a public holiday, so Joey and I went out together.. the whole family.. Adeline & Amirul too. Although it was pouring cats and dogs, we still went out after 2 days were spent at home relaxing and hibernating...hihihihihi
As the day was cold, all of us were wearing our jackets.. even little Adeline. She wore her pink furry jacket to keep warm. Sejuk babe!!!.....We were driving around town and then had to stop at the petrol station.Joey stopped at Petronas Kempas to fill up the tank. While me, Adeline & Amirul.. we went into its mart to buy drinks and some titbits. The car was filled up. Amirul is queuing at the counter to pay for the titbits and I took Adeline into the car and wait for Joey who was in the mart looking for something for himself.
Suddenly, I saw Joey's face turned upset and he looked angry. I saw a man passed by him and then I saw Joey started to say something and started to point his fingers to that guy.
Later, that guy went out from the mart and to the petrol pump to fill up his car. He was muttering something and then Joey came up to him and they started squabbling. What the heck is going on??????
Joey then went into the car and started to drive off when suddenly that guy shouted "Apa tgk2..Jalan lah!!!!" Joey stepped on the brake and jumped out of the car and rushed up to that guy's face. Hey! What's happening???? Joey uttered something to that guy before he went back into the car...
Wanna know what exactly happened????
That guy was furious because he had waited behind our car, queuing and expected us to leave soon after pumping the petrol. But.. hey! we were still buying something else in the mart and my son, Amirul was still in the queue at the counter. Furthermore, the other pumps were not occupied. Just because his fuel tank is at the left hand side so he just had to fill up with the pump on his left too. How stupid it was????
He actually had to drive up his car to the pump beside us which was on his right hand side. That actually made him angry....muahahahahahah But, what's the problem??..he can still filled up his tank eventhough the pump was on his right side??? Why must he be so damn sarcastic with Joey, a stranger.. he dared to just walk passed Joey and gave a sarcastic remarks like.."Janganlah pentingkan diri sgt..."...manalah Joey x bengang!!!!!
That guy was lucky..Joey was in a very good mood. If not, that guy will definitely be given a hard punch in the face!!!! Joey also told that guy that it was Maulidurrasul and people should be more patience... instead that guy showed his stupidity in front of others. Joey just gave him a sarcastic smile... and drove off.
Well.. an auspicious day turned sour yesterday because of one stupid and ignorant man!!!!! I wonder... orang mana agaknya dia tuh...kalau orang JB.. haku rasa x mcm tuh peel nya.... kalau org JB..ceh! buat malu JB jer....
Moral of the story (For you guys out there): Next time you want to fill up your fuel tank, DO NOT enter the petrol station after having a fight with your wife or when you are depressed or when it was your stupid day!!!!..muahahahahahahah

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