Wednesday, April 29, 2009

KEMPUNAN - Is it A Taboo???

KEMPUNAN.... A word mostly used when you did not manage to have what you craved or desired.. mostly on food. Sometimes it is associated with death or mishaps.

Is it a taboo? For Malay community.. this word seems to be so powerful. You don't believe me???

Read on... hihihihi

Last nite, me and Joey.. we went to Jusco for our monthly groceries... we bought lots of things... food, diapers for Adeline, Milk, toiletries etc.... the same usual routine stuffs. After taking a grand tour of Jusco, we walked passed by a small Jusco Durian Stall...hihihihi.. selling packed durians in styrofoam (betul ker ejaan haku nih...belasah jer la).

One thing about Joey.. he HATES durian.. the smell, the taste.. durian is his bitter enemy!!! Durian can causes us to quarrel.... me, on the other hand.... crazy for durian!!! I LOVES durian so so much!!! hahahahahah( ala gelak jahat..)

So... dengan suara manja yang ala2 x keluar (psl ala2 takut & seriau kena sergah...)... I asked Joey's permission to buy a pack of the durians. Furthermore, it was on sale... RM11.95 per pack instead of RM25.00. He was furious when I mentioned that to him. His face turned sour! He was angry and just walked away... ignoring me and went straight to the cashier.

I was very sad at that point and suddenly said..."saja tau abah buat mama KEMPUNAN durian".... guess what happened????

Hearing me said KEMPUNAN... Joey became speechless and he then asked me to go and take a pack of the durian from the stall!!! I was so happy and ran excitedly towards the stall and chose the most bitter sweet smelling durian to take away with me....

See!!!.... the KEMPUNAN is so damn powerful... it can melt away the alter ego of an angry man!!!! yeayyy!!!!!

So.. last nite.. I managed to quench my cravings for durian.. thanks to the the word KEMPUNAN!!!!...

Anyway.. so sorry... forgot to snap the photo of the durian.. x sempat.. dah lahap habis baru teringat!!!! muahahahahahaahah


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