Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Trees Air Freshener

This car Air Freshener.. I bought from my dear friend.. Miss Tulipx... you can visit her blog at

You know what.... this air freshener is so damn GOOD that it can really over come the overpowering smell in my car left by the durian that I bought last nite!!!!.... so x payah la sibuk2 nak pi letak charcoal dlm kereta tuh eh...hihihihihi... just go and buy from Tulipx tuh!!!

So.. now.. only the nice smell of apple in my car... mesti Joey x membebel.. coz last nite dia bising all the way psl bau durian melekat dlm kereta...muahahahahaha

Thanks Tulipx for your Little Trees!!!!...(anyway.. haku rasa x sempat memang tahan 7 minggu psl dah togel!!!!)....kuang3


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