Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kring! Kring! Kring!....

My mobile rang early this morning... I did not recognized the number that was flashed.. means it was not in my list of contact. So who the hell rang me up in the wee hours of the morning????

Still.. I picked up the call. Perhaps it was an urgent or emergency call. Who knows, rite?

Gosh!... the call was from my son's school teacher. I was a bit shocked. Has anything happened to my son at school???.. An emergency??... then suddenly I realized Amirul was still in his room. Still in bed. Phewww!!!... what a relief!!!..

The school teacher rang me up so early in the morning just to request permission to take my son for a Dikir Barat Competition which is today after school. She was afraid that me and my hubby will not allow Amirul to participate. She even explained that Amirul has been practising the Dikir Barat after school hours under her supervision without our knowledge... and she was sorry for not telling.

Hermm... hearing that she really wanted Amirul to participate.. I gave her my verbal permission. And she asked whether Joey going to approve or not.. I told her that I will handle on that matter. I gave her my word that she can proceed the competition with Amirul's participation.

Are we being too absurd? No. I don't think so because as parents we have all the rights to know the whereabouts and the activities that involving our son.

School should write in to parents telling us that our so and so son or daughter has been chosen to represent the school in so and so activities and she or he is required to stay back for practise so and so. I think that is the correct way so that parents will not feel worried everytime the children came back late from school.

So... today, Amirul is participating in a Dikir Barat Competition in SMK Megah Ria. Hopefully, SMK Permas Jaya 3 will win!!!!!!!!! You go boy!!!!


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