Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good & Honest Samaritan Does Still Exist....

Phewww!!!.. I was so lucky today that Malaysia still does has its good & honest samaritans...

I just left Jusco permas Jaya when a lady just called me up and said that she found my Coach wristlet with my MyKad, Adeline's MyKid, my Visa and the rest of my ATM Cards..... and she took the effort to locate me from the Electrical Shop business card that I kept in my wristlet. The shop owner then provide her my contact number and really just my luck!!... So I met up with her and collect my wristlet just now...

Huhuhuhu... thank god!!!... Luckily no money was inside coz I have transferred them in another sling bag.... kalau x.. whoooaaaa!!!!... mesti byk jeje nak buat.. report My Kad, MyKid Adeline... ATM cards, my Visa... etc... huhuhuhu.. what a day!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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