Friday, February 13, 2009

Business Meeting with Con & Jimmy from Sydney, Australia

Well... I woke up today feeling rather groggy.... coz lack of sleep... 2 nites in a row, out for some business and pleasure....
last nite... me and Joey entertained Con, our dear business counterpart who came all the way from downunder, Sydney, Australia at Puteri Pacific. Unfortunately, Jimmy could not join us coz he passed out after a relaxing body massage at the Spa... poor him..hihihihihi
Anyway... while discussing business, we were entertained by the everfriendly singer, Aida at the lounge...backed by a very good pianist. Aida is Ida Nerina's sister... so I was right from the very beginning when I told Joey that Aida, the singer resembles Ida Nerina. Lucky we were not on a bet.. otherwise, I would have won!!!!!!
The 4th floor lounge of Puteri Pacific is a very nice place to be. Very relaxing.. the ambience is also very pleasant for a business meeting or just for a drink or two. They have a pool table there but I did not have a chance to lay my hands on the cue coz we were kind of engrossed with our business talks...
Guests can also try out their singing talent if they dare to... and last nite.. Joey played the piano at the lounge.. and played my favorite song for me.... hihihihihi.. .. romance was in the air last nite despite of the serious business chats....
The nite was good and fun in its own way... we enjoyed ourselves, we enjoyed our business talks, we enjoyed our drinks and we enjoyed the songs too!!!!!!
Since the lounge closed at 1am.. we made our move. Otherwise, we would have stayed on a little bit longer. Naayyy!!!... we still have tomorrow to enjoy.. so nite mate!!!....**quoting Con's words**....


  1. jom pool 1 game kat Zara..

  2. Ada berani ker??? siapa kalah kena belanja makan seminggu.. kuang3



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