Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things Patched Up...

Last nite, i went home rather late... taking my own sweet time, wondering around in Jusco Permas Jaya (actually nak beli diapers for my little Adeline...).. almaklum.. tengah merajuk konon... although late afternoon yesterday, I already talked to Joey.. for a short while on the phone with very flat tone..hihihihi

Actually.. cuak jugak kalau2 Joey marah coz I balik lambat.... but then.. I make dunno jer.. when I opened the door.. he was there, sitting on the sofa. Without saying anything, I just went for Adeline. Gave her a little hug and kiss and stayed in the room.

Suddenly, Joey called me.."Mama...mama..."... Thought of ignoring him but then...mana tergamak haku nak ignore when he called me mama in a very soft loving voice... hihihi.. so i pun pergi ler mengadap....

So... we talked. He updated me on Raad's condition and he informed me that his uncle came from KL and they went out together for lunch. After the short chit chat.. we went out for dinner... actually.. not dinner laa... we just went out to 7E to buy burgers...hihihihi...malas nak cook coz dah lewat sangat and I did not have the appetite to eat nasi... so I goda my eldest son to have burgers for dinner.. kehkehkeh...apalagi.. he asked for 2 burgers, just for himself!!! muahahahaha.. bila tanya, shy shy cat! ceh!

The nite went on so smoothly, so nicely and so romanticly...hihihihih... x sempat pun nak put on VS tank top.... dah kena terkam!!!! muahahahahahahaha

p/s: moral of the story - bergaduh antara suami isteri selalunya berakhir dgn sesuatu yang indah (dgn syarat.. cinta memenuhi ruang hati kedua-duanya)

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