Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Children

Well... this year, I am going to be 37.. on 11th Feb. a few months older than my hubby.. his birthday will fall on 12th July and then he will be 37 too....gosh! he is so happy to be younger than me...
Being a 37 years old mum.. with 5 growing kids.... well.. not that hard really.. coz only 2 of them stay with me.. the eldest.. Mohd Amirul Asyraf & the youngest (so far)...Ungku Zarith Adeline. In between... there are Nor Shafinaz, Mohd Izzat Emir & Mohd Badrul Amin.
Amirul going to be 16 this coming 4th of July. Finaz.. a blooming lady.. she will be 14 this coming 6th February.. Ijat... just finished his UPSR last year and going to be 13 on 19th July. Whilst Memen will be 11th on 23rd October this year. My Adeline... her 3rd birthday will fall on 29th August.....
Apart from my 5 gems... I also have 2 stepchildren... Ungku Zarith Sofea & Ungku Mohd Najib. Sofea will be 14 on 20th July.. she is the same age as Finaz and Najib.. well.. I am not that close with him so... frankly.. I do not remember his birthday... and i think he will be 10th this year.. if i am not mistaken laaa....
Anyway.. these kids.. they can get along well with each other because me and Joey did took all of them together for outings... we do get people asking questions about them... and we are proud to say that they are our children.... pening kepala org tgk.. coz... semua mcm sebaya jer... hihihihihi.. well... i dpt anak instant.. so does Joey!!!.. apa pun... all of us happy!!!

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