Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What A Day...

After a huge fight last nite (although I just remained quiet and uttered nothing) with my darling hubby.... life today is so damn boring, lifeless and seems so meaningless. My heart hurts so much when Joey called me names... which I just could not accept coz I knew deep down.. all that were not true.... Luckily, Adeline was there with me so I kept my focus on her instead of Joey's words. I kept my ears deaf last nite... to avoid things getting worse. I felt like answering back but.. there's no point talking while he was still very angry and mad. Nothing will come into his senses.

But I knew... I have explained everything with every single details.. nothing being left out... all facts and figures were presented to him. All I need him to do is to understand and accept the reality of the numbers and the figures. I just have to give him time to consume all the data, all the facts so that he can understand what is going on.

We slept separately last nite. I spent my nite with Adeline in the living room, on the sofa. Joey slept soundly in the bedroom. I could hardly sleep coz it was cold last nite and Adeline was moving here and there on the sofa.. maybe she was uncomfortable.

Morning came and I was so glad. I woke Amirul up for his school. Adeline also woke up.. asking for her "cucuteh". I got ready for work and Joey woke up for his bath. I left the house without kissing him goodbye or even kiss his hand as usual. I was so damn brokenhearted and angry with Joey so I guess.. it is okay not to kiss him or his hand for a day or two......

Just now.. before lunch time, Joey rang.. not once but a few times. I ignored all his calls. I am still very angry and sad... should I return his call or ignore him for the rest of the day??? But I was quite worried because Raad, his brother was admitted to the hospital last nite and had undergone emergency operation to take out his erupted appendics. Maybe Joey got a news about Raad.. who knows.. but I am still hesitating to return the calls.

Well... i decided to let the day pass... and focus on my work for today.....

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