Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine 2009

I am not really into Valentine... well.. faham2 jer laa... coz.. to me, I celebrate my love every day, every single second, every single breath... so who needs a Valentine to show love and affection???... Furthermore, Valentine is being commercialized in a very huge way.... and making being in love is so damn expensive and so damn insincere.. at least that's what I feel laaa..... Pardon me to those who celebrate Valentine...but, since I got a red rose on Valentine itself, I just had to say Thank You to my hubby.... believe me, this is the first ever rose that I got from him after all these years... don't know what makes him feels like giving me a rose.. but I DO love roses!!!! hihihihi.. Kembang gak laaa... kembang semangkuk x kuncup2 for a few days... muahahahahaha

This is the lovely red rose that I got from my darling hubby.. Joey.. for the Valentine...

These roses.. I got them from my hubby, Joey... and our business counterpart, Con... sweet kan???? The pink one is another rose from Joey..... so.. for this year's Valentine, I got 3 roses... yeay!!!! They are so damn lovely and I was so damn careless to leave them behind at Park Royal when we left for JB... **Haku punya jaga that roses to make sure they stay fresh.. and was thinking of drying them up to keep as momentos but... dah bukan rezeki haku nak simpan those roses.. sedih tau. Joey kecik hati haku tertinggal roses tuh kat KL**

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