Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Lay-Back & Relax Time @ Equatorial Hotel Swimming Pool Area

This is me, taking a short break at the swimming pool area of Equatorial Hotel, Melaka. Sanggup tarik kerusi tuh just to ensure the swimming pool nampak dlm gambar. Tgk air.. mmg rasa geram nak terjun, but unfortunately x bawak swimming attire... only got my g-strings in the luggage... karang terjun... mau dgn guard2 sekali terjun... muahahahahahahaThis is me with our business counterpart from Sydney, Australia... Con Manouras & Jim Boukouvalos. Jimmy loves the word.. "Malaysia Bole"
This is me with my darling hubby, Joey and our dear Con. In real.. dia mcm Jean Claude Van Damme!!!!.. Handsome tau!!!.. but he is taken. Sorry girls!... He got 4 lovely little girls back home waiting for him...hihihihi no chance!!! kuang3

This is me with Jim... dia nih gila2 banyak.. bukan sikit... treated me and hubby mcm king and queen.. sekali sekala.. apalah salahnya..kan?kan?kan?
Dia kata nama Melayu dia... JIMAT! Wakakakakakaka
This is the ever gentleman Con... baik hati and handsome... kuang3... hubby haku mau jeles kalau tau haku tulis camnih... but then... nobody can beat my Joey laa... he is handsome all the way and in every way... hihihihihi.. sendiri tau laa... muahahahahaha

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